Maiko is a professional Japanese teacher who has been teaching Japanese language as a second language for foreigners in Hong Kong, Japan and Silicon Valley in the US for over 20 years. Using English or Cantonese in class is an option which is depending on students needs.

Maiko是一位專業的日語老師。在香港、日本、和美國為外國人教授日語已有20年以上的經驗。基本上, 老師會在課堂上使用「直接法」跟學生互動。「直接法」, 意思是在課堂上只使用日語。但如果學生要求在課堂上使用英語或廣東話, 老師也可以使用。

Students from non-asian language background are now writing Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, of course with perfectly speaking skills

Online Japanese classes for all levels of students with great teaching methods by experienced teachers will help you to build your language skills and cultural understanding. We have an intensive course which helps you to achieve the communication level within 6 months. Please contact us and tell us your ideal goals so that we can customize your class accordingly!

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