Why ‘ Good morning’ is used in the workplace even in the afternoon in Japan?

Have you ever heard the greeting in the workplace as ‘おはようございます’ even in the afternoon? As looked into the origin of the  ‘good morning phrase in the workplace’, an interesting historical record was found.

Back in the Edo-era, in the Kabuki industry, the background role staff had been using ‘ good morning ‘ to the performer. Maybe because the performer got into the workplace early in the morning. Afterward the ‘Good morning’ in the workplace was formed regardless of the time. That means ‘ Good morning phrase’ is not literally a  ‘good morning’ anymore.

Since then, the ‘ Good morning ‘ phrase is used  in the workplace when people get into the workplace, especially used in the restaurant industry.

If you are working in the Japanese restaurant, regardless of the time, please greet with ‘おはようございます’! Your members may be impressed!


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