Why?? I take a walk with dog…「いぬと さんぽします」は間違い!

「いぬと さんぽします」は間違い!Why?

「いぬと さんぽします」 is one of the common mistakes!

I think the original English sentence is ‘I take a walk with dog.’

What if he is as same size as me…?

Because of ” with dog”, you have translated it into と(with). However, when using と(with), we need an object which has the same size with you.

As you can see the following examples, using と ( with ) is always happenings with the same size of people( or Mickey Mouse) in the following sentences.

ともだちと えいがを みます。

家族と ごはんを 食べます。

ディスニーランドで ミッキーマウスと 写真を とりました。

Therefore, いぬと さんぽします gives an idea that the dog is the same or bigger size than you!

Correctly いぬの さんぽを します is the answer