I’m always stuck in when making a Japanese sentence….

When you make a Japanese sentence, please try to be careful about the structure of the sentence. We have a subject and then the time frame comes next which is always located at the end in English. And the “place” comes next where is located secondly from the end in English. As above, you can translate the English sentences from the bottom to the top except the subject.

Most importantly the verbs and adjectives are always located at the end which is to be conjugated from the original to another form. The conjugation means that you can make a past tense, “want to” form or te-form which is Japanese unique form to be used in many functions etc!

I go to school tomorrow. / わたしは あした がっこうへ いきます

↓ let’s break it down !

I 3 (go to) 2(school) 1(tomorrow ).

↓ Except the subject, we reverse the words from bottom to top.

わたしは 1(あした) 2(がっこう3(いきます)

Let’s try some more exercises!

  1. I eat a sandwich at Starbucks Coffee at 9:00.
  2. I watched a movie in my house yesterday.
  3. I listened to the radio in your house this morning.

En-Japanese sentences comparison

Could you break down the above sentences?

Bye for now!